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Read Before Hiring Professional Fire Restoration Services 


If you have recently experienced a fire in your home and your belongings and furniture now smell just like smoke. Or perhaps your carpets, floors and walls have also undergone water damage. This is the time to seriously consider hiring fire restoration services to attempt to get your house back to a livable state.

The first couple of days or even weeks after your home has been exposed to a fire are typically a stressful and traumatic time. You are also placed under added stress from having to consult with insurance adjusters and agents and having to take an inventory of all the items you have lost or are damaged. You may be required to produce receipts and are more than likely still in a state of shock from the event.

Dependent on the damages, you may have to move your family to another location to live until such stage that a restoration has been conducted. At this stage you should never have to think about conducting a restoration by yourself and if you are thinking of doing so you may risk causing further more permanent damages.

By choosing to hire a professional fire restoration business, you have a guarantee that your belongings as well as your home is treated with respect and care and all water, fire and smoke damages will be remediated in the best way possible. By choosing such a company you will not need to think about factors such as the right type of cleaning agents to use on different items or about how to dry out your carpets or get the smoke odors out of your furniture or your walls. By leaving all these factors in the hands of the experts, they have the experience on what can be done and are aware of how important homes are to their home owners.

If you are insured, your insurer will be able to recommend the right fire restoration professionals. If you do not have an insurer your best bet would be to conduct an Internet search, ask for recommendations from family and friends or look in your local newspaper.

If you feel the need to do anything before the restoration company arrives, you can do a few basic things such as discarding medications, beverages and food items that have been exposed to smoke or fire, wash all your linen and clothes and turn on your de-humidifiers or fans to dry out your furniture, carpets and rugs.

It is advisable that you do not attempt to conduct cleaning up any items or your belongings that have been exposed to fire. These tasks are should be left to experts. This is because damages caused from smoke will necessitate a different method of cleaning when compared to damages caused from an actual fire.

Any Kind Of Water Damage, No Matter The Source, Can Be Very Dangerous! Do Not Wait, Make Sure You Act On It Right Away!


What To Do And What NOT To Do For Fire Restoration In Your Home?


After a fire in the home, it becomes extremely important to start with a restoration as quickly as you possibly can in order to avoid unnecessary extensive damages from occurring to your property. However, these tasks are usually complex in the case that your home has become unsafe to enter from the damages caused by the fire. Dependent on the water and fire damage that has occurred to the house, your homes structure may have also sustained damages and there could also be the risk of electrical hazards that pose extreme dangers to you as well as your family.

For these reasons it is vital that you only contact fire damage contractors that have the experience to deal with restoration in a dangerous situation. Even after contacting fire restoration services, it is helpful that you know a few basic rules on what you should and should not do once a fire has occurred to make sure you keep your home, family and yourself safe.

What You Should Do

  • Immediately contact your insurance company.

  • Choose a recommended fire restoration service to start with the restoration, repair and cleanup process.

  • Try to locate a restoration business that will work with your insurance providers to make sure you are offered with a reasonable settlement.

It is vital to contact your insurance agents as soon as possible, because time is very important when it comes to dealing with water or fire damage. Mildew and mold can start to spread within a day prior to a fire. Try to choose a restoration business that has a relationship with your insurer as this can result in an affordable settlement with less out-of-pocket costs. It also can ensure that the company you choose only uses reputable contractors that conduct their services with sound business practices. This will usually mean that they will do everything in their power to restore and save as many of your items as possible.

What You Should NOT Do

  • Never go into your house directly after the fire.

  • Do not try to start the cleanup by yourself.

  • Avoid tampering with electrical components or other items outside and inside your house.

You may not be aware of the extent of damage that has occurred inside your home after a fire and deciding to go into the property could result in further damages or placing you at risk. In addition, it is very dangerous to attempt trying to restore your home without the expertise and equipment that fire restoration contractors use. If you tamper with items in the home you also run the risk of negatively influencing the estimate you will receive for your insurance company when they are not able to examine everything in its exact state after the fire.

Fire restoration is a complex and intricate process and should when possible always be left to a professional company. This is because they have the experience, expertise and the right tools and equipment designed to handle these types of jobs. For information on a fire restoration business near to you, conduct an Internet search and remember to use your area in the search. It always helps to have these numbers on hand when disaster strikes.

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