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Apartment Fire Damage Restoration

First Restoration Services completes a apartment fire damage restoration project of 10 affected units and 6 units that had to be completely rebuilt from the studs up.

First Restoration Services had to gut and demo the 6 units while wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment). We were called to the site from the local Fire Department, wanting to ensure that a proper board up was completed to protect the building from secondary damage and future weather elements.

There are a lot of steps, phases, and people involved in a fire damage restoration project, and we try and cover that in our video. We also talk about how it impacts the homeowners, and how their lives are affected when they have to deal with fire damage to their home.

You can check out more of First Restoration Services projects by visiting our website at

If you want to be prepared for fire damage to your home and know what to do/not to do, you can download our After a Fire PDF Here

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