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Fire Damage Restoration Austin By The Steam Team

Fire Damage Restoration
Why Choose The Steam Team Fire Damage Restoration

Our certified and experienced company understands that the last thing you need when you have fire damage to your home is more stress than you already have. You need a company that can handle your emergency fire damage clean up and repairs promptly and professionally – to your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our company will successfully: estimate the extent of your fire damage; bill your insurance company; take care of content restoration items and storage; as well as complete all necessary fire damage reconstruction of your property or business. You need to be able to have your life get back to normal and as soon as possible, as though your fire damage emergency never happened.

There is always residual damage in fires, such as smoke damage, fire odor, soot damage, or ash. While extinguishing house fires, there is usually quite a bit of water damage. Our company will be able to restore and rebuild the fire damaged property. The process can include: taking care of fire, smoke, and water damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment

Smoke damage usually falls into four categories:

Wet smoke – usually results from a low heat or smoldering fire. The smoke from a wet fire has a pungent odor and a sticky, smeary texture.
Dry smoke – results from a fast burning and high temperature fire.
Protein smoke – discolors paints and varnishes and has an extremely pungent odor. It is essentially invisible.
Fuel oil soot smoke – results from furnace smoke returns that cause dangerous oily soot.
Soot and Smoke Odor Removal and Deodorization

Our company uses proven methods to remove and repair fire, smoke and water damage. Soot and smoke odors require specialized equipment to be removed, not just covered up. Deodorization equipment and supplies are used to penetrate cracks and crevices; and neutralize and eliminate smoke and odors. Additionally, the entire contents of the affected property are often packed up and cleaned thoroughly at our facility.

Structural Fire Cleaning Services

A house fire clean-up crew deep cleans all hard surfaces in your home, such as floors, appliances, cabinets and walls. We will also cleans soft surfaces, such as carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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