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Fire Damage Restoration Using Dry Ice | Wickens Dry Ice Blasting

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting uses Vapour Blasting equipment that is fully portable and powered by a mobile air compressor. Effective blast hose lengths can reach up to 400 feet from the power unit. This is ideal for fire and smoke damaged buildings and homes.

These features combine to make Vapour Blasting an ideal tool for use in lead and asbestos abatement where the speed and effectiveness of blasting can be had without the attendant dust hazards and high water level problems.

Vapour Blasting for Industrial Cleaning:

• Removing industrial coatings for inspection
• Preparing surfaces to coat
• Cleaning storage tanks
• Removing rust and scale
• Removing Roadway markings
• Building maintenance

Also Wickens Vapour Blasting for Restoration, Vapour Blasting for Marine & Vapour Blasting for Graffiti and Cleaning are also a highly recommended use.

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