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Flood Damage Repair San Diego- 619-699-0130- Part 1 Of 2

Water Damage, Flood Damage or Sewage Removal Cleanup in San Diego. Don’t Wait, Call Now For FAST Help! (619)699-0130

About this flood: Master Technician Martin Perez responded to this flood damage emergency on September 3rd, 2012, Labor Day at approximately 8:30PM. Affected areas were said to be the upstairs loft, laundry room, vanity area and bathroom. Water was extracted, baseboards, casings, tackstrip, carpet and carpet padding was removed due to heavy saturation and delamination of carpet. Laundry and bathroom has small portion of vinyl flooring removed in order to dry we subfloor beneath. Garage also had damage. Water was removed from the floor and holes were cut into the drywall in order to ventilate.

Drying equipment was set up and areas were monitored. Areas dried in 5 days with no removal of drywall or insulation.

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