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Toilet Flood Damage Repair | Orange Restoration San Diego

“So, your toilet has leaked, and now you have water damage. The first thing you need to do is to determine where that water came from. If it came out of the bowl, then that water is contaminated. If it came out of the supply line at the back of the toilet, that water is clean water. And the way that you handle your water damage greatly depends on where this water came from.

If the water came from the bowl, and it’s contaminated water, the first thing that needs to happen is to isolate the affected area as quickly as possible. Try to stop the water from spreading to unaffected areas at this point. If the water hit the walls, the base board need to be removed, and those walls need to be cut pass the point that the water absorbed. The insulation behind those walls needs to be removed as well.

Then you must determine all of the affected areas. You must know everything that the water touched at this point because, once again, this water is contaminated and all these materials will need to be removed.

Once you’ve removed all the affected materials and taken out of your home, the structure that is left behind–the sub-floor under the floor that you removed, the studs behind the walls that you removed—those needs to be disinfected with an anti-microbial and then dried out properly.

Make sure that you did a very good job cleaning up all the dust and debris after you remove the flooring and the walls. As you dry the environment, the air movement that you’re using to dry out the structure is going to start blowing all the dust and particles around. So the better you clean up in the beginning, the smaller mess you’ll have at the very end. ”

Water Damage Restoration:

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