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Annapolis Mold Removal | Mold Remediation And Mold Testing — Annapolis MD Maryland

Annapolis Mold Removal | Annapolis Mold Remediation | Annapolis Mold Testing

American Home Services is the leading Mold Removal and Mold Remediation and Mold Testing Company serving Annapolis Maryland.

American Home Services
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Annapolis MD Mold Remediation | Annapolis Mold Remediation | Annapolis Mold Inspection

If you recently experienced water damage, or noticed a musty smell in your home or business in Annapolis MD, call American Home Services. One of our certified Mold Inspectors will provide visual Mold Testing and Mold Remediation consultation for homeowners in Annapolis . Once the Mold Problem has been diagnosed and a quote for Mold Removal has been accepted, American Home Services can provide professional mold removal and remediation.

**We now use a state of the art infared camera during our Mold Inspections.** Our Mold Inspectors will develop a custom Mold Removal program to meet your needs.

Annapolis MD Mold Testing | Annapolis Mold Remediation | Annapolis MD Mold Removal

A Mold Testing professional will test both indoor and outdoor air quality, swab sample of visible mold or suspect areas and a complete wall examination of suspect area in your home or office in Annapolis MD.

A Mold Inspector will inspect the most common locations for mold growth in your home to include: Attic, Bathrooms, Basement and Crawl Space. If one of our Mold Remediation experts’ visual Mold Inspection detects mold or mold indicators; we will either recommend the appropriate level of Mold Testing or Mold Remediation for your Annapolis MD home.

If mold is detected, our fully licensed Mold Remediation technician will develop a Mold Removal solution to fit your needs and budget. A Mold Remediation estimate will be provided, pre and post air quality testing is conducted, all work is completed to state and local building codes, and mold clearance testing is performed to document the effectiveness of Mold Removal efforts in your Annapolis home or office.

Annapolis Mold Removal | Annapolis MD Mold Inspection | Annapolis Mold Remediation

Call American Home Services for a visual Mold Inspection on your property in Annapolis Maryland!

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