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Mold Remediation Services Atlanta

Mold remediation is essential in any workplace, because spore outbreaks are an indoor air quality issue. We know you want to protect your employees and customers. You know that “sick building syndrome” has become a legal liability, a drain on productivity across the country, and a tenant issue. Protect your enterprise and your people.

We will develop a commercial mold remediation for any business, industry, government agency and institution. We have effectively served offices, schools, hospitals and numerous commercial entities with our industry leading procedures:

Thorough building investigation to isolate the source of water
Mold testing to determine the extent of contamination and species of mold
Identification of mold hot spots including the use of infrared technology
Protection of work areas not affected by the commercial mold remediation process
Safe removal and disposal of all contaminated materials
Removal of microbial growth
Advanced rapid drying
Elimination of spores
Treatment to decontaminate surfaces and prevent reappearance of mold

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