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Mold spores rapidly colonize when moisture is present in a structure. Only professional mold remediation will solve this problem once it starts. It takes special knowledge and techniques to perform mold removal in the proper manner. Below are the typical steps in mold remediation:

1. Assessment of the situation is the first step in the mold removal process. This allows our professionals to document all mold damage, and devise a plan to remedy the situation. The information collected through the assessment will help them perform a thorough mold remediation process to return your house or other structure back to a healthy environment once again.

2. Containment and removal of the mold is next in the process of mold remediation. If water is present, both the water and mold will need removing at the same time during mold remediation to keep the mold from spreading to other parts of the structure.
3. When the structure is still damp, the next step in the mold remediation process will need to the drying of the structure once our professionals remove the water and mold. This prevents any mold from growing back in the structure. Our professionals utilize the correct equipment to perform this mold removal task.

4. Our technicians will clean the area along with your furnishings and belongings with safe methods to ensure no further damage in this step for mold remediation. They also will use antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions to remove any mold off all areas or items that merit such treatment. This is an effective measure to take during mold remediation.
5. At times, mold feeds on organic materials, such as wood and drywall. This makes these materials weaken to the point of crumbling or decaying. In this case, our professionals in mold removal will repair or replace these materials.

6. Painting is often the last step in mold remediation, especially when our pros replace drywall on the walls or ceilings. Wood components also may require a coat of paint. Once the paint dries from this mold removal step, you will once again be able to use your structure safely. You need to understand certain facts about toxic mold to realize how important it is to act quickly to receive mold remediation when you find it in your structure.

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