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Real Estate Integrity – NJ – PA Crawlspace Waterproofing, Encapsulating & Extreme Mold Remediation

Do know that I did not set this up. ( Customer Comment ) We were doing a video about the mold and she walked in unexpected and just said what she said. I myself wouldn’t be able to say “Mold Kills” or “The Cost of Not Waterproofing the Basement or Crawlspace may be your life” because I’d have to provide proof. And also if I did plan a video like this it would be very hard to believe. My Daniel J OConnor integrity might also be in question. I made this as I’ve made all Hydroarmor Systems videos to educate. If this one doesn’t educate about the seriousness of Mold nothing will. What I did not mention in this one is “your children.” I’m sure you realize. – Daniel J OConnor
Imagine if this mold thing is that plague that starts in New Jersey, spreads to Pennsylvania, United States of America, Canada? People Die then come back to life as zombies, walking dead etc.? Just Saying…..

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