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#1 Water Damage Experts in New York, NY. 5 Five Star Reviews!

Emergency Flood, Fire & Water Damage Cleanup!

Hire Water Removal NYC Specialist To Get Job Done Right!

Rated 5 Stars! The Best New York City Water Damage Removal And Restoration Servicing All of New York City And Manhattan, NY…

We provide top quality and you should not settle for less. Hire the Best Water Damage Repair Contractors in NYC!

Finding out you have water damage that needs immediate removal or repair can be devastating news. We understand that when disaster hits your home or business time is crucial. We have been providing quality emergency NYC water damage restoration services for years. We understand what you are facing and are here to educate you that not every water damage restoration contractor is the same. Whether it is a natural disaster like a storm, flooding or a leak from a frozen burst pipe the damage will escalate quickly.

 You should know that our certified water removal professionals at L.I. are not only ready to go 24/7 but will treat your property with due diligence and will get the job done right the first time .

As you come across multiple water removal contractors I suggest you ask questions. Our company takes pride in the services we offer, and the absolute best customer service experience promised.

Hire NYC Water Damage Cleanup Team That Is Licensed and Certified 

Hiring a certified and licensed water damage restoration contractor is a must, many contractors are not suitable to do this type of work and if someone does not properly treat the damaged area this can cause future mold issues. Ask for certificates and proof of experience when looking for a water damage repair contractor to work in the state of New York City.

 Verifying a legitimate company and contractor is one of the most important things you can do to assure you as a homeowner of a building owner is getting the best service possible. Keep in mind mold Inspectors in New York can not also perform mold remediation. 

Companies that do not have proper certifications of licensing I would stay far away from. If a company is trying to tell you a different story just call up your local county clerk and ask who would have the state laws for you to view so you can make a valid educated decision. It will be nothing but a burden on your shoulders and your liability if you choose a contractor only because of the pricing if they do not have the correct certificates. 

Always question your local water damage specialist in Manhattan, NY if their business is certified and properly licensed according to the state of New York. This is not an uncommon practice and asking for license number and additional information is fine.

 At NYC Water Damage Restoration this is a serious matter for our business and we are fully licensed, insured and certified up to date with New York state law. We want you to feel absolutely confident and comfortable knowing we are here to provide nothing but quality. We have systems and processes in place that give us a great track record in this industry. Our company practices what we preach.

NYC Water Damage Restoration Company Reviews – View All Our 5 Star Feedback And Real Testimonials! 

Proper licensing, certification, years in business are just the beginning steps to finding some of the best water removal and repair options. A good contractor comes along with a great reputation in the local community having testimonials and proven portfolio of work. 

When one of our NYC technicians or inspectors comes to your business or home ask them to show you our ratings and reviews. We also have a portfolio of not only water extraction and mold remediation and repair photos to prove our on site experience over the years. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because customer service is a top priority for our company. Our focus is to grow a relationship with our customers and be an absolute referral to anyone who needs our assistance.

I would always ask for references and take a glance at some of the work that they have done. Our list of satisfied customers is endless. We have the proper equipment and knowledge to ensure that the job is being done correctly and that is what separates us from many.

We treat customers like family, and your home will be treated as if it was our own. We understand the situation you are in and have been here before and this gives us the confidence to exceed your expectations. Your home is an investment and your family is your life. Please give us a call with any questions. Check u out on Google Business Reviews or Facebook.

Call One Of The Top Emergency Water Damage Repair Companies in New York City! 

Our NYC Water Damage Restoration TechnicianHiring the cheapest water restoration companies are not always the smart option.  This is a serious type of restoration project and specific equipment and understanding is required. Just because an average builder or contractor offers a great low price does not mean they are qualified to do this job correctly.

Getting the job done right on the first try is critical especially when it comes to water removal and restoration. Have a written agreement signed so you know you are protected if mold or water damage gets worse.

When our New York City team shows up to your home to do a job we will explain everything step by step so you understand the process, time and what to expect. We also will have an agreement along with all of our certifications so you know you are covered on your end.

Our proven track record of success on jobs and years of experience will help you feel safe going with a company built on PRIDE. We are active in the community and have been voted and considered one of the best water damage repair and restoration in the business. We are here to assist in anyway we can.

Excellent Job Completed… Proven To Be One Of the Best Water Removal Contractors in NYC!

There is an endless list of certified water damage repair contractors that are trying to win your business. Remember certifications and experience are a must and the first priority before hiring. Next, is references and testimonials. Read online reviews and ask plenty of questions.

You should also learn about your homeowners insurance and if this may be able to pay for any damages instead of you coming out of pocket. Your technician or estimator will understand exactly how this works and in many cases you will be 100 percent covered for all damages caused by water.

We not only enjoy the work we do and helping out homeowners and businesses  with our work but we enjoy helping give back to our local city. Even if you had a flood, bursted pipe or roof leak already repaired, replaced or have a current restoration project going on if you have any questions and concerns at all you can call us directly and speak with an experienced technician. Again we are here to help guide you in any way we can because we understand the importance.

All Technicians Go Through Specialist Education And Training

Our NYC water restoration services, technicians, estimators and recommended inspectors all go through proper certifications and weeks of training, even if they already come in with experience and worked somewhere in this industry in the past. We have our own process and training programs in place for them to learn from.

Every one of our water damage professionals is trained and put through this program to give them not only proper experience but to understand exactly how we work together and assure proper results. We developed this system to not only put our customers first but to build a real culture and family within our business.

 We guarantee our services and look forward to working and speaking with you. Everyone in our business is trained to know we put you first. It is an absolute must that we provide value and prove we practice what we preach.

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Top Notch Communication Every Step Of the way

During your water damage repair process you will have many questions. This is common and absolutely fine. We understand the pressure of having your home or business ripped apart and under pressure to get reorganized again. The key to this is communication and answering every question the best we can. Also explaining the time it takes to properly remove and repair the water damaged area. 

Call our office any time during the work hours if you have any concerns. Feel free to call our emergency line if you need something right away. We are here to do the job correctly and it does take specific steps and time to get it done. We are always here to listen and make you feel comfortable and assure you we work as fast as we can. We get most basement flood repairs done in a day and work with your insurance providers fast and offer emergency water damage repair in NYC.

You deserve a proper water extraction and repair along with quality installation and material that is durable to last years to come to keep you and your family safe and secure. We are here to deliver what we preach just fill out the form or give us a call.

Need Flood Damage Repair in NYC & Pipe Burst Repair? We provide all phases of water removal, repair and cleanup in New York City!

Common Emergency Services

  • Frozen Burst Pipe Or Pipe Break
  • Roof Leaks
  • Basement Floods
  • Washer Or Dishwasher Overflow
  • Rain And Storm Cleanup
  • Sewage Backup

The key is to remove all water and completely dry out the area that has been damaged.Our first focus is removal of water and to show and explain things to you and your insurance.

If you are facing water problems let our team of experts come and educate you. Give us a call now so we can explain the quality of our process whether its emergency water removal and restorations, repairs or mold remediation we are just one call away.


Water Removal NYC , Restoration & Repairs

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