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Do You Need to Hire A Water Damage Service Company

Many homeowners are not aware of the amount of damage that can be caused by a small amount of water. You don’t need to have a flooded basement or a burst pipe to get water damage. A small leak in your bathroom sink or a loose hose on your washer can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage if not taken care of promptly.

One of the major issues that arise when it comes to water damage is that people do not always immediately seek help. Some people don’t want to deal with the extra expense, they fix the leak and believe everything will be fine. Some people just feel that as long as the area dries out there will be no damage. However, water damage is rarely just on the surface. If you have damage on the surface, you can bet there’s also some type of damage underneath.

When a leak or flooding causes water to seep into any part of your home, you should immediately seek help from a water damage service. These companies can assess the damage and determine the best way to solve your water damage issue and restore your home to its previous condition.

How Do I Know There is Water Damage in My Home?

Unfortunately, you may not know there is a leak in your plumbing until you see signs of water entering your home. You may notice water filling your basement, a water stain on your ceiling or a puddle in the middle of your kitchen. By the time you notice these signs, you probably already have water damage. That’s because these signs usually occur after the water has been leaking for days or weeks.

By the time you see these indications of a leak, you may already have a mold or bacteria issue. You may also have damage to the wood in your house. That means if you decide to try to make the repairs yourself, you need to be careful. Make sure to pay attention to the wood studs and beams in your wall and floor and wear protective gear to prevent contact with potentially toxic mold or bacteria.

Sometimes you will not be the first person to notice the water damage. It may be discovered by your plumber or HVAC repair person. While they are there, they can make the repair, to stop the leak and explain to your if there are any potential issues that may have been caused by the leak. The information they provide can help you determine if you may possibly have water damage. If you’re unsure ask the repair person their opinion.

Why Do You Need Help If the Damage is Minimal?

If there was only a small leak, you may be tempted to believe that it can’t cause larger issues. However, even a small leak, when left unattended for a long period of time can cause damage. It can cause wood to weaken and rot which can lead to structural damage. It can also become a breeding ground for certain molds and bacteria, which can cause health issues over time. While the visual damage caused by a small leak may be minimal, the real damage it can cause can be life-threatening.

When a leak occurs many people fix the leak, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water, they let the area dry out and believe that the problem is solved. Some may even try to thoroughly clean the surfaces that had contact with the water and moisture with a mold cleaning spray. While doing these things might help, they may not be enough. Drying a damaged piece of wood, will not repair it, and some molds need to be professionally removed in order to eliminate the danger they pose.

Any Kind Of Water Damage, No Matter The Source, Can Be Very Dangerous! Do Not Wait, Make Sure You Act On It Right Away!


If you decide to clean the area yourself, be careful and watch for signs of mold. If you see mold in the area, stop cleaning and call a professional. There are many different types of mold. Some are more dangerous than others. Don’t try to guess at which type of mold is present in your home. Instead, let a professional determine if the mold is safe for you to continue your cleaning efforts.

If the Area is Thoroughly Cleaned Do I Still Need Water Damage Services?

Since you don’t know how long you’ve had a leak in your plumbing, there is no way to determine how long the water has been seeping into the wood and structural elements of your home. By the time you caught the leak it may have existed for weeks or months. During that time the structural elements of your home may have been saturated with water. No amount of cleaning can bring back the areas that are weakened by water.

Weak, wet wood is dangerous because it cannot support the weight it was intended to. If you walk on this wood, your foot may go through. In addition, this wet wood, the wall surfaces and the insulation without the walls are a breeding ground for mold. That’s why you should have a professional evaluate the condition of your home after it has sustained water damage.

A water damage professional can inspect your home and determine the amount of damage caused by the leak. They can also test the surfaces of home to determine the strength of the structure and to see if there is any mold or bacteria present. If there is damage, they can recommend the proper way to treat the area.

If the Damage is Minimal, Can’t I Do the Work Myself?

After a water damage services professional inspects your home, they can give you a better idea of how much damage is present. If the damage is not extensive you can ask if you can do the work yourself. If you decide to do the work, they can recommend products you can use offer advice on how best to handle the damage.

However, if there is a danger that exists in your home, you should take the water damage service professional’s advice when it comes to solving the problem. The damage to your home may require professional restoration services. If so, you should consult with several companies to determine the best way to proceed with the needed repairs.

Who Should You Contact for Water Damage Services?

Most fire and water damage restoration companies offer water damage services. You can also contact mold removal companies if you have mold present in your home. These companies deal with water damage on a regular basis, so not only can they quickly assess your problem, they can also put your home back in order if you choose to hire them.

Many of these types of companies offer a free consultation, although some may charge a nominal fee. During this consultation, make sure to ask any questions you have about the damage to your home and any dangers that exist due to the water damage.

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