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Looking For Professional MOld Removal and Water Restoration Company In Atherton?
Avoid breathing in mold or mold spores. In order to limit your exposure to airborne mold, you may

want to wear an N-95 respirator, available at many hardware stores and from companies that advertise on the Internet.

They cost about to . Some N-95 respirators resemble a paper dust mask with a nozzle on the
front, others are made primarily of plastic or rubber and have removable cartridges that trap most of the mold spores from entering. In order to be effective, the respirator or mask must fit
properly, so carefully follow the instructions supplied with the respirator. Please note that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that respirators fit properly (fit
testing) when used in an occupational setting.
Mold Removal Atherton – Professional Water Damage Restoration, Mold remediation Services

What Wear When Planning On Cleaning Mold?
When cleaning up mold it is important to avoid breathing in mold or mold spores, as this can have

major health implications. To avoid airborne mold exposure you should wear a respirator to

protect your lungs. Half-face or full-face respirators have removable cartridges that will stop

the mold spores from entering your nose or mouth. A full-face respirator will also protect your

eyes. Be sure to follow the directions carefully, if it does not fit properly or is not put on

correctly it may be ineffective.
Filters used with the respirator should ideally be rated P-100. Some cartridges also come with an

activated carbon element. The carbon helps to remove the odor given off by mold and mildew.
Mold Removal Atherton – Professional Water Damage Restoration services

What Are te DIY ways to clen up mold?
Mold Removal with Baking Soda
Baking soda is well known as a natural and safe household cleaner. But you can also use baking

soda to kill mold in your home. Unlike other mold killers which contain harsh chemicals, baking

soda is mild (pH of 8.1) and harmless to your family and any pets.
Besides killing mold, baking soda also deodorizes and so using it can get rid of the smell mold

leaves in your home. Baking soda also absorbs moisture to help keep mold away.

Vinegar is often used along with baking soda when cleaning up a mold problem since vinegar kills
different species of mold to baking soda.

Tips on How Clean Mold Damaged Areas:
If you are unsure about how to clean an item, or if the item is expensive or of sentimental value, you may wish to consult a specialist. Specialists in furniture repair, restoration, painting, art restoration and conservation, carpet and rug cleaning, water damage, and fire or water restoration are commonly listed in phone books. Be sure to ask for and check references. Look for specialists who are affiliated with professional organizations.
Mold Removal Atherton – (877) 858 6220 – Professional Water Damage Restoration services.

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